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“A vision without a strategy
remains an illusion.”

- Lee Bolman

strategy & insight services

consumer insights

derive tangible business action via data/research & journey mapping

Too often, research ends up being an overwhelming stack of data  - I make sense of it all in way that allows you to make clear, informed decisions about products, marketing strategies, and other actionable steps forward in your business. I can help you in analyzing and understanding consumer behavior and preferences, identifying market opportunities, improving the customer experience, and staying ahead of the competition. I can also help you harness the power of consumer insights to provide data and evidence to support (or possibly challenge) your business decisions; minimizing risk and increasing odds of success.

omni journey mapping 


convert deep data to succinct takeaways

marketplace/consumer segment trends

competitive & category analysis

brand audits

focus group moderation


develop voice and articulate value(s) of Brands or Products

In today's crowded marketplace, it's more important than ever to have a brand that stands out and connects authentically with your target audience.

Success lies in finding the unique value proposition that sets your brand apart from the competition, while remaining true to your core values. You can’t be everything to every one - let me help you highlight where your brand's strengths and align with your target audience's needs and preferences. This can power new product launches, launching/repositioning a brand, or entering a new market - and I can help you create and maintain a brand that is distinct and differentiated, while also resonating to drive true business growth.


brand messaging/architecture/guidelines

mission, vision and/or benefit development

messaging creation/testing

creative briefs

mindsets & personas


cut through the clutter; focus on what matters most, and most urgently

Doing a little bit of everything makes you a master of nothing. It’s critical that businesses make the most of their resources and focus efforts on the initiatives and priorities that will have the biggest impact on the bottom line.

Prioritization strategies and tools streamline your operations and achieve your business objectives with a tailored approach. By ensuring sharp objectives and priorities, we can identify the right core pillars drive your most critical work. From here, it becomes much easier to structure teams, budget resources, and align outputs so that everyone is working towards the same goals. I can help identify where to free-up your team's time and energy (and lessen risk of spin). This will also strengthening agility to pivot if/when needed.


key initiative frameworks / POV

project portfolio analysis

resource allocation strategies

business planning / projections

risk assessment

pilot/implementation planning


understand and plan how best to connect with shoppers/users

Customers have more options than ever before; resulting in increasingly complex and evolving shopper journeys. Making it more challenging to create experiences that truly resonate.


I can help to understand and anticipate customers' needs and preferences, allowing you to create experiences that are more memorable, personalized, and valuable. And by understanding gaps and opportunities, avoid or repair pitfalls. Shoppers expect seamless interactions, and to meet them where they are; those that are successful will be investing in tools, research and insight that unlock personalized, frictionless, timely and omni-channel experiences. This requires strong - and ongoing - efforts to deeply understand changing needs.


programming strategy & planning 

identify new capabilities / pilot opportunities 

segmentation & channel analysis

measurement and optimization

training tools (sales person, process, etc)

execution planning / brief


identify evolution opportunities for products and/or processes

Broad and ambiguous - and often a buzz-word as opposed to catalyst for action. At many organizations, innovation also happens along the periphery of more immediate tasks - lost in the shuffle. I can help you develop specific guiding principles and areas of focus, clearing a path towards an aligned vision, and eliminating duplicative/ineffective efforts.

In order to do this, we must first invest in understanding and developing the unique definition and meaning of innovation for your brand/business; and build frameworks for operations and output. This ensures an aligned vision and acts as building blocks to structure cross-functional teams, enable agile test-and-learn conditions, make pilot/partner/acquisition decisions more clear, and allow a measure of success in moving towards future goals.


proactive strategies / vision

ideation workshops

internal "culture of innovation" development

vendor/partner/acquisition vetting

implementation & engagement planning

change management


create narratives driving influence across stakeholders (internal or external)

Effective storytelling is paramount to success - whether it's selling in a new capability, influencing a decision, or explaining a decline in customer adoption. However, many organizations face gaps in their storytelling abilities. They may lack the internal talent, or they may simply struggle to find the time to develop these skills across teams. Additionally, some organizations may have difficulty communicating their ideas effectively, or they may struggle to create stories that resonate with their audience due to an authenticity gap. 

One of my biggest strengths is in creating effective storytelling that can drive influence, alignment, and communicate complex ideas. With organizations becoming more matrixed and potentially disconnected, I can deliver strong storytelling tools needed both internally and with external stakeholders.


decks & presentations

strategic briefs & planning

recaps & recommendations

sell-in tools (scripts, videos, etc)

photography/visual direction

basic website development

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